Privacy Policy

This website is intended to provide information regarding the Shonenji Temple and Lodge (hereinafter “the Lodge”), its business operations, and for other related informational purposes.

Personal Information Protection Policy
The Lodge has adopted the following personal information protection policy to guarantee the protection of personal information collected, both developing a systematic procedure for the protection of personal information as well as providing thorough training to all employees to ensure full awareness regarding the importance of personal information protection and the proper procedures for its protection.
Storage of Personal Information
The Lodge shall ensure that all personal information collected is accurate and up-to-date at all times and shall take the appropriate security measures to prevent any loss, damage, alteration or unauthorized access to or disclosure of personal information, including but not limited to the proper maintenance of security and storage systems and the provision of thorough personnel training.
Use of Personal Information
Personal information obtained via customer inquiries through this website including but not limited to names, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers may be stored for later use. Any use of said information shall be limited exclusively to those purposes for which it was obtained.
Personal information collected is used to contact customers via e-mail and send materials for the purpose of answering customer questions and provide information about services provided.
Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties
The Lodge shall ensure the proper storage of any personal information collected from the customer and is prohibited from disclosing personal information to third parties, except:
・When express consent has been obtained from the customer
・When the disclosure of said information to suppliers is necessary for the provision of services requested by the customer
・When required by law
Security Measures for the Protection of Personal Information
The Lodge has adopted the necessary security measures to guarantee the accuracy and security of personal information.
Data Subject Rights
The Lodge shall respond to any data subject’s request to access, rectify, erase or otherwise modify his or her own personal information upon verification of the data subject’s identity.
Compliance with Current Laws and Norms
The Lodge shall use any personal information obtained in strict accordance with applicable Japanese law as well as any other applicable norms, revising the contents of this policy as necessary to ensure compliance with the current legislation at all times.
For any inquiries regarding the use of personal information collected by the Lodge please contact:
Shonenji Temple and Lodge
Kamino 2771, Takachiho-cho, Nishiusuki-gun, Miyazaki-ken, Japan 882-1411
For all inquiries please contact us here